Does your agency sometimes make you wish you’d swiped left?

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At Findgood we help brands
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find the right marketing agency  
or technical partner  
for your needs.  

And we do it at no cost to you, the client.

With over 20,000 agencies and dev teams in the UK alone (and many more nearshore and off-shore suppliers), finding the perfect partner can feel daunting.

This choice overload is why ironically so many supplier selection processes are limited to a request for recommendations, or a quick review of industry top 10 lists, and finding the right partner in such a small pool is often hard.

It’s a classic example of either too much choice or not enough.

At Findgood we have over 15 years’ experience of connecting brands with the right agency partner for them.

We have a large network and larger databases.

We can help you understand which agencies are creating real change, doing the most interesting work, getting the best results. We can also share what technologies can reduce cost and improve speed to market.

We can match your partner using a wider range of criteria

Our process starts with a conversation.

We can help you define your need: should you off-shore?

Could your problem be better solved with technology?

Do you need a full service partner - or a specialist?

We deliver a list of agencies, partners or platforms that suit your requirement, and you manage the rest. If you want to add your own selections to that list, by all means do.

Our role is to make sure you have the best possible list of partners when you start your selection process. Yours is to find the perfect partner for your business from that list.

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